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How can the hot Australian summer affect your roof?

How can the hot Australian summer affect your roof?

How can the hot Australian summer affect your roof?

There can be no doubt about it, when the Australian summer sweeps in, the mercury can rise to almost unbearable levels. In January 2014, the Bureau of Meteorology reported temperatures of 48.7 degrees Celsius were recorded in Queensland, and New South Wales went one better during the same period, with the state’s Walgett Airport recording 49.1 degrees Celsius.

With summer taking hold of the nation again, you may not be thinking about your commercial roof. After all, isn’t it heavy wind and hailstones that pose the greatest threat to their structural integrity? Well, these two natural events can certainly cause a problem, but never disregard what that big, glowing orb in the sky can do to your roof. After all, the sun can reach a temperature of 15 million degrees, according to Space.com, so show it a little respect!

Let’s take a look at how the sun can damage your roof, and what you can do to prevent further issues.

Welcome to warp zone

On a shingled roof, if you can see that some of the tiles have curled completely over or are beginning to bend upwards, there’s a big possibility that the heat of the sun has a lot to do with it. Such warping will only become more of a problem the longer that they are exposed to the sun, which can lead to leaks and other structural faults with the surface – like cracking.

Crack attack

When a tile curls in heat, tension and strain in the material can cause it to become partially or fully cracked. When this happens, it can create a certain domino effect on your roof, leading to more damaged tiles, so it’s important to nip this problem in the bud.

Don’t delay, stop the decay

Though it’s rare that newer tiled roofs will suffer from decay under the searing sun, older examples are certainly prone to it. You’ll be able to tell if your tiles are rotted by if they are missing sections or look somewhat deformed.

For a full roof condition report, get in touch with R&BS today.