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Investigative roof report finds the missing leak

Investigative roof report finds the missing leak

Investigative roof report finds the missing leak

There’s nothing more frustrating for a Building Manager than having a leak and not being able to identify its cause. Any leak is a serious threat to a building’s performance and identifying where it is originating from and fixing the problem often calls for specialised skills.

At R&BS, our investigative roof report services are designed to find the leaks that other companies can’t spot. This was recently seen on a project we worked on where we found the cause of a leak that had gone undiagnosed to date.

Discovering the missing leak

On first view, there was no visible issue with the client’s roof. The metal sheeting appeared completely normal and showed no sign of wear or structural weakness. It was only upon very close inspection that our team were able to spot two small white dots that were undetectable to the untrained eye.

While these two dots were small, they provided a first clue that not all was as it seemed with the metal sheeting. Upon further inspection, we found the roof installers had left the two metal sheets overlapping rather than cutting both pieces to fit together.

Water had managed to enter between the two roof sheets, causing significant damage to the second sheet. After lifting the top piece of metal, our team discovered a large amount of rust between the two that had eroded the second sheet to the point where it was letting water into the building.

Once the problem had been identified, our team were quickly able to address the problem, finally leaving the building watertight.

The R&BS difference

Some of our clients don’t realise at first that while there may be other companies that can carry out roof repairs, it’s R&BS’ 87 years of expertise in the field that is often relied upon when it comes to complicated inspections and repairs. In this case, it took a thorough investigative roof inspection by our experienced team to spot the incredibly minor signs on the exterior of the roofing sheets that signalled damage underneath.

It’s important to have that nagging leak inspected before the rainy periods. Even if everything appears normal at first glance, now is the right time of year to have your roof inspected for potential leaks or issues that can be easily fixed by a specialised roof repair company before they become a bigger problem in your facility.

If you have any questions about our investigative roof reports or are struggling to find the source of a leak, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.