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Is it time to consider a green roof?

Is it time to consider a green roof?

Is it time to consider a green roof?

Environmental friendliness is a hot topic at the moment. Everybody seems to want to do their bit to fight climate change, and Australia is no different. With an ozone hole looming over the country, it’s more important than ever for Aussies to push for environmentally-friendly design in buildings from top to bottom.

From solar panels to rainwater barrels, there are plenty of ways you can fix up your roof to help mother nature as well as your bottom line. But have you considered a green roof?

This, but on your roof
This, but on your roof.

What is a green roof?

It may seem like a recent trend, but green roofs have actually existed for many thousands of years. From the grassy mounds of ancient Scandinavian dwellings to the hanging gardens of Babylon, Your Home describes how cultures all over the world have utilised the natural traits of green roofs to better their own living.

In short, a roof is considered ‘green’ when it is “planted partially or completely with vegetation and a growing medium over a waterproof membrane”.

What are the benefits?

We’ve discussed the environmental benefits of green roofing, but what about making the case for a business with a green roof? If you have a commercial or industrial building, how can you benefit from a green roof?

Firstly, more environmentally-friendly buildings have been shown to help boost your wellbeing, says the World Green Building Council. It showed that “low-carbon, resource-efficient and environmentally sensitive buildings can actually enhance the health, well-being and productivity of building users” – all things that green roofs provide.

Improving your health, productivity and helping the planet is all very well and good, but what about the financial benefits? Your Home describes how going green can reduce roof maintenance needs, improve sound insulation, reduce heating and cooling requirements and a whole host of other factors that will directly reduce your running costs.

How do I go about getting one?

Finding yourself convinced about green roofing? Your first step should be to check the feasibility of converting your current roof to a green version. Waterproofing is incredibly important to this process, so be sure to contact us for a personalised report on the roof of your commercial or industrial building. We will also be able to consult you on any repairs that you may need to turn your roof green, and any problems you should be aware of for the future.

If you’re keen to get on the green roof trend, contact Roof and Building Service today.