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Tiled roof repair & maintenance

Extending the life of your commercial building’s tiled roof

Terracotta and concrete tiled commercial roofs call for specialist attention from an experienced service provider.

Just a single loose tile can allow water to enter and affect or damage your whole property. And when you consider that a tiled roof’s flashing, guttering, and the tiles themselves are all susceptible to damage, it’s clear to see why regular maintenance is a must for your tiled roof building.

R&BS’ team of tiled roof maintenance experts can pressure-clean your roof, replace broken tiles, repoint ridge caps, and repair damage to flashing or gutters.

Specialising in commercial tiled roof repair

When tiles are used on commercial roofing areas they are often in one of two formats:

  • Large expanse format such as school buildings or hospital facilities that have large building structures and often multi-storey buildings.
  • A large amount of small format tile roof areas such as in gated living complexes, retirement villages, or nursing homes etc. These are often made up of a number of mainly single storey buildings.

Whichever tiled roof format you have, it will require specialised services from an experienced technician who understands the unique issues faced by commercial tile roofs – rather than simply domestic dwellings.

R&BS has developed unique systems and processes based on our long experience with fixing commercial tile roofs, which allow us to provide effective and long term solutions for your building.

Our tiled roof repair & maintenance services include:

  • Pressure cleaning of small and large areas of tiled roofing with specialised machinery
  • Replacement of any chipped or broken tiles
  • Installation of new flashings, sarking membranes and valley gutters
  • Rebedding and repointing of ridge caps
  • Resealing of terracotta tiles with clear penetrative coatings
  • Sealing and coating of concrete tiles with protective and decorative acrylic coatings

Repair and pointing of tiled roofing

The skilled R&BS team are experts in the restoration of large tiled roof areas. We are widely recognised as industry leaders in restoring terracotta and concrete tiled roofs to excellent condition.

We can safeguard your commercial building against water damage by checking your roof for broken or loose tiles and damaged flashing. It’s also extremely important to have the ridge cap pointing checked and rectified.

For a customised proposal for your business or premises, call R&BS now on 1800 550 037 or fill out the contact form below for a fast response.


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