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3 benefits of a metal roof

3 benefits of a metal roof

3 benefits of a metal roof

In good news for the Australian property market, building approvals are going (so to speak) through the roof. As a result, the Housing Industry Association recently pointed to “strength and opportunity within Australia’s non-residential construction industry”.

In short, businesses are planning to build, whether that’s for expansion of their current facilities or an entirely new property.

One decision that needs to be made early on is what type of roof to go for. After all, concrete, tiled and metal have very different characteristics, and require various approaches from facility managers in terms of roof maintenance and repairs.

So, what are the benefits of a metal roof? We look at three advantages the material offers to both developers and maintenance managers.

1) Design freedom

A metal roof is a versatile option. First, it can be used to create steep-sloping roofs, ones with gentler gradients and everything in between. For a modern edge, commercial building designers sometimes incorporate both steep and shallow slopes onto a single roof space.

They also come in a range of metal types, depending on the properties needed. Steel is strong, comes in different thicknesses and also has various options regarding the different types of manufacturer-applied protective coatings. Meanwhile, aluminium is best known for its lightweight properties.

Once the metal roof is installed, they can be coated and/or painted to give a greater range of choice for the building’s owner, occupant or manager.

2) Durability

With the right approach tailored specifically towards metal roof maintenance and repair, they can last for decades. While corrosion will eventually affect all metal roofs, they are known for their durability, and this becomes more obvious depending on the type of metal used.

They also have a good resistance to both fire and wind – both of which can be particularly prevalent across much of Australia.

3) Eco-friendly

Did you know Australia’s sustainable real-estate practices are the best in the world? According to a 2015 GRESB report, Australia not only held its joint-top position with New Zealand for another year, we even increased our building sustainability score by 13 per cent.

We’re a climate-friendly bunch, and for those looking for a roof that meets our own high standards, metal is often a good choice.

The metal roof can be made from reusable materials, which can also be recycled when they’re replaced. Meanwhile, their typically long life span – provided they are adequately waterproofed and maintained – make for an attractive option to those with eco-conscious concerns.

If you need specialist advice, assistance and reports regarding any roof repair and maintenance, our remedial building consultancy team is on hand to help.