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Our process

How we deliver quality roof maintenance and repair services

As experts in roof maintenance and repair, we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement. This ethos has underpinned our industry-leading processes which have delivered effective water penetration solutions for our clients for nearly 90 years.

Analysis of water penetration

We begin by thoroughly analysing the overall effects of water penetration on your building or facility. This includes conducting an extensive internal inspection of the areas of water ingress, and investigating the details of the water leakage.

Our team will analyse the evidence and the circumstances surrounding the water leakage. This may include assessing the frequency of occurrence and considering the weather conditions during the event.

Investigation of the cause of leakage

To determine the root cause of existing and potential water penetration issues, our team will physically and visually inspect the areas of roofing or building that are directly responsible for water ingress.

We often find that some of the most obvious signs of water ingress aren’t in fact the root cause of water penetration internally. For this reason we will thoroughly investigate these areas.

Based on our extensive experience in identifying these issues, this investigation may involve further testing processes to the roof or building to accurately determine the cause of water ingress.

Reporting on our findings

When our analysis and investigation are complete, we provide a comprehensive report on our findings, in a format that can be utilised to rectify the water ingress issues we’ve identified.

This report includes a comprehensive scope of works, along with any further recommendations that our expert team believe are required to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

Implementation of appropriate rectification

An integral part of our process is implementing our report’s recommendations into your current maintenance budgets and schedules.

We take a collaborative approach, which includes your facilities management team, to prioritise the necessary rectification.

In this way, we aim to achieve the best possible outcomes – especially in larger scale works – with any budgeting or scheduling constraints.

Execution of quality solutions

By carrying out the recommendations gained through this process, our skilled team provide you with the best possible solution.

Thanks to their extensive training in the unique processes required, you’ll have the peace-of-mind of knowing that your water ingress issue has been fully and expertly addressed.