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Our history

Read how R&BS’s history ensures quality outcomes today

Working in any specialised area takes more than just technical skill and proficiency with the latest technology. It also calls for experience and a well-deserved reputation that provides an assurance of quality.

At R&BS we are proud of our long history of partnering with Australian businesses to help them maintain and replace their roofs. This history continues to be built every day, as we work with our clients to meet their needs and grow in new directions.

The early days of R&BS

R&BS started life in Brisbane in 1928, aiming to solve an issue that challenged many building owners at the time.

With the Great Depression affecting many businesses, building owners could no longer afford to completely replace their roof when holes and cracks appeared.

Walking down Queen Street in central Brisbane, our founder – a carpenter by trade – noticed water coming through a roof and onto the pavement. He went into the building and offered to give the owner a quote on repairing the roof, an offer that led to our company’s first project.

Our founder went on to pioneer the use of regalvanising for metal roofing, advertising it as being more effective than a new roof for building owners – and finding a unique business niche in the process.

While the Great Depression was probably not the best time to be starting a business, this shift in thinking from roof replacement to roof maintenance was the starting point for the business which would become R&BS.

Becoming an industry leader in roof repair and maintenance

R&BS continued to expand the scope of our services to better serve our niche in the roofing repair and maintenance sector.

In the 1950s, this process took a big step forward as the company founder handed the reins over to his sons. They continued to expand the business, branching out to sandblasting, painting, galvanising, and metal-deck roofing.

In 1972 R&BS’s ownership changed again, with the company handed over to our then-owner’s nephew and another employee. At this time the company’s focus also evolved, with repair work coming to the fore and new services, such as concrete repair and waterproofing lines, being offered. Today, the nephew’s sons lead the business, employing a fourth generation of the family.

R&BS in the 21st century

In our 90th year and beyond, R&BS continues to offer the same outstanding service that has become our hallmark, while also finding new ways to better serve you.

Our client-facing services have been built on personal relationships. Now, we seek to add new services and digital tools that will help us to reach out, connect with, and solve your problems as a building owner or manager, wherever you are.