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Concrete roof repair & maintenance

Preventing, detecting, and remedying leaks in concrete roofs and decks

Australia’s extreme weather can play havoc with a concrete roof, subjecting it to the pressures of erosion and increased ageing. What’s more, these climatic conditions tend to dry out and shrink older waterproofing materials.

Eventually, surface cracks will form on concrete roofs and deck areas as these waterproof barriers break down. Moisture begins to seep into these cracks, creating damaging leaks and ultimately causing structural damage.

The R&BS team identify and remedy concrete roof leaks by thoroughly inspecting your roof and advising on the most appropriate solution specific to its requirements.

Repairing all types of concrete roof waterproof membrane

Most concrete roof areas are covered by a waterproof barrier, usually called a waterproof membrane. These waterproof membranes can come in several different forms and can be made of many different products.

The two main forms of waterproof membranes that are applied to concrete roof areas are:

  • Sheet membrane types
    Most often made from reinforced bitumen, and also made from plastic sheet derivatives such as TPO and PVC and rubber compounds. Sheet membranes are adhered to the concrete roof substrate by different products and techniques, including hot flame torch, glues, mechanical fixings, heat welding etc.
  • Liquid membrane types
    Normally these membranes are any acrylic or polyurethane based high solids coatings which are applied by brush, roller or spray. They are often built up in 2-3 heavy applications and reinforced in high movement areas with reinforcing fabrics such as fibreglass or polyester cloth.

Using our extensive knowledge, we are able to apply our advanced waterproofing technology to repair the damaged membrane. Or, if the membrane has reached the end of its serviceable life, R&BS will replace the membrane in its entirety.

Our concrete roof repair & maintenance services include:

  • Replacement and rectification of existing aged or failing membrane systems
  • Removal and replacement of any ballast or covering layers
  • Replacement and rectification of any associated perimeter flashings
  • Rectification of any new or existing penetrations from plant and machinery refits
  • Application of all types of membrane systems

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