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Metal roof repair & maintenance

Preventing, detecting, and remedying leaks in metal commercial roofs

The R&BS team are experts at detecting and identifying leaks in metal roofs. We can give any roof sheeted in steel, aluminium or copper a new lease of life – whether that’s through replacement or repair.

Large commercial or industrial buildings with metal roofs often have significant plant and equipment situated at roof level. This arrangement necessitates numerous penetrations of the roofing, as well as increased foot traffic from service technicians. The resulting damage to the roof sheeting means an increased potential for water leaks.

R&BS is highly experienced in servicing these types of roofing applications. We provide repair and maintenance solutions that are specifically designed to tackle the common problems from metal roof buildings.

Our metal roof repair & maintenance services include:

  • Corrosion mitigation and treatment
  • Box gutter relining, replacement and encapsulation
  • Flashing sealing and replacement
  • Downpipe and gutter replacement
  • Skylight assessment and replacement
  • Membrane penetration and flashing sealants with extended life expectancy of up to 10 years
  • Roof coating systems using UV reflective coatings, encapsulating membranes and decorative coatings

How we detect and address oxidisation of metal roofing

Oxidisation is a problem that commonly affects industrial metal roofs in the absence of regular roof maintenance. Left unaddressed, it will eventually lead to rust, leaks, and the weakening of the entire roofing structure.

To overcome oxidisation, the expert team at R&BS will detect any roof leaks in your commercial building. We then seek out and replace ineffective fasteners, flashings and downpipes, and finally recoat, reseal or recolour any industrial sized roof or wall using specialised equipment.

Should you repair or replace your metal roof?

How we extend the life of metal roofs and continuous box gutters

Our extensive experience has shown that simply replacing your leaking roof or box gutter isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective way of stopping water ingress. We can resolve almost any leak by applying advanced liquid membrane systems that are reinforced with fibreglass.

While corrosion is definitely one of the most common causes of leaks in roofing and gutters, another major offender is the deterioration of flexible sealants used around air-conditioning penetrations, vent collars, and flashings.

R&BS can inspect your roof and replace any worn flashing sealants with quality products that offer an extended life expectancy of up to 10 years.

So if you have a leak, don’t automatically think of costly replacement. Instead, call R&BS to identify and diagnose the issues, repair the problem and extend the life of your roof.

Reduce your business’ energy bill with metal roof coating systems

R&BS can extend the life of your metal roof by applying high quality anti-corrosive primers, followed by durable membrane systems. This method provides an effective, watertight barrier over the existing roof surface that is resilient to the elements. We can supply and fit these membranes in a range of colours to enhance the look of your roof area.

Our technologically advanced membranes form a continuous solar heat rejection substrate when applied to metal sheeting. The result? An increase in your roof’s R-value (the thermal resistance level that re-radiates ultra violet and solar infrared rays) and a potential reduction in your internal building temperature, with a consequent decrease in cooling costs.

For a customised proposal for your business or premises, call R&BS now on 1800 550 037 or fill out the contact form below for a fast response.


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