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5 top reasons your roof might be leaking

5 top reasons your roof might be leaking

5 top reasons your roof might be leaking

Roof leaks are a common problem for many different types of premises. If ignored, they can go from bad to worse in just a matter of days, which is why it pays to look into roof repairs sooner rather than later.

There are some common reasons why roof leaks occur – and here are five that arise time and time again.

1. Cracked flashing

It’s possible that the flashing on your roof may have cracked, which can mean the joints are no longer providing a water-resistant barrier. These thin strips of metal play an important role in roof waterproofing, so if they become damaged, it’s essential to get them fixed.

2. Problems with ridge caps

Ridge caps are often in need of a tiled roof repair, and it’s often the case that they are responsible for water entering a property. As cracks occur, water can seep into the tiles as it no longer makes its way to the drainage pathways. Sometimes it’s not obvious that this is the problem until the ridge caps have been removed.

3. Blocked guttering

In some instances, it’s just a case of a property’s guttering being filled with debris. This means there’s nowhere for the water to escape, which can cause it to enter a premises through the roof.

4. Not filling in holes

Roofs can be home to all sorts of contraptions, from solar panels to TV aerials. While the structure might be sound at the time, if you then remove the technology, chances are holes will be left behind. It’s essential to fill these in, otherwise an unexpected leak could occur.

5. Faulty skylights

A problem that arises fairly frequently when it comes to tiled or metal roof maintenance is that skylights haven’t been fitted properly, or they have started to degrade over time. The seals might not be as effective as they should, which can expose a commercial property to water damage.