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Building leak repair: If it leaks, we can fix it!

Building leak repair - If it leaks, we can fix it!

Building leak repair: If it leaks, we can fix it!

Leaks at an educational facility, hospital, aged care facility, hotel or any public building can be more than frustrating. They can also be downright dangerous… and far more costly than most of us probably realise (particularly if they lead to someone suffering a serious injury and subsequently suing). And of course, the longer leaks are left unchecked, the more damage they will do and the more it will inevitably cost to repair them. The good news is R&BS have never met a leak we couldn’t fix!

If it leaks, we can fix it!

It doesn’t matter where the leak occurs; it could be in a plant room, kitchen, bathroom, or other wet area. Plus it doesn’t matter what caused the leak, be it movement in the walls, expansion cracks, ingress around windows & doors and of course, roof damage, we have the building leak repair solution. As you will see when you visit our waterproofing page, R&BS has the right solution for every leak, from applying protective sealers to repairing membranes. We can even be totally proactive and fully waterproof your building to ensure it doesn’t develop a leak to begin with.

If your building has a leak – or you suspect it might – time is definitely of the essence. FreeCall R&BS right now on 1800 550 037 and we will send an experienced team around post haste to sort it straight out. Remember: the longer you wait, the more damage that leak will do and the more your building leak repair will cost, so contact us today!