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Concrete Repair and Restoration: The Law of Fives

Concrete Repair and Restoration: The Law of Fives

Concrete Repair and Restoration: The Law of Fives

As concrete repair and restoration specialists, one of the questions R&BS is often asked is…

“How long should concrete last?”

It’s a good question, however there really is no definitive answer. It all depends on a number of factors, such as the quality and proportions of its ingredients, how they are prepared, mixed and placed, design & detailing, environmental conditions, compaction, curing/exposure conditions and many other aspects.

Concrete repair - a stitch in time saves five!

Most people think concrete is strong and very durable.

It IS, but it is also a very complex, thermodynamically unstable and chemically reactive material that is vulnerable to many external influences.

How it performs in the long term comes down to preventative maintenance practices…and that leads us into the Law of Fives.

The basic principle of Concrete Repair – a stitch in time saves FIVE!

The Law of Fives centres around the fact that the life of a concrete structure with concrete durability problems can be divided into four phases.

Phase A is the Design and Construction stage. This is where problems can start due to bad design, incorrect material selection or poor workmanship.

In Phase B, corrosion is yet to start but the reinforcing steel is being penetrated by carbon and/or chlorides. If R&BS is called in at this stage, the problem can be identified early enough and we can save the day by applying a protective surface coating.

By Phase C, corrosion and its subsequent spalling and rust damage has started – concrete repair and restoration will be required.

Finally in Phase D, corrosion is widespread. If the structure isn’t repaired ASAP, major repairs will be necessary and they will be costly.
Which brings us to the crux of the Law of Fives.

  • Every $1 spent getting the structure designed and built correctly in Phase A
  • Saves $5 in Phase B which in turn
  • Saves $25 in Phase C, which in turn
  • Saves $125 in Phase D

R&BS Concrete Repair & Restoration - The Law of Fives

Download The Law of Fives


The moral of the Law of Fives is to plan ahead and get R&BS involved early. If you think you have a problem, or if you just need reassuring that you DON’T have a problem, contact us today (FreeCall 1800 550 037) and let us assist you with your concrete repair and restoration.