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Don’t wait until EOFY to invest in repair and maintenance work

Don’t wait until EOFY to invest in repair and maintenance work

Don’t wait until EOFY to invest in repair and maintenance work

The end of the financial year (EOFY), has come and gone and many managers are now looking at potential areas of investment over the coming months. While this might feel like the time for facilities managers to forget about their budgeting and get on with the job, it is important to plan expenses and a maintenance budget for the coming months.

So what’s the best way to do this? Well, facilities managers will need to undertake a comprehensive forecasting effort so they know where to invest in order to keep their premises shipshape.

Planning ahead to prevent future issues

Looking towards the maintenance issues that might affect the next nine months isn’t just about budgeting, it also involves establishing a maintenance schedule that can detect and prevent issues from arising before they affect the structural integrity of a building.

Roof repair work in particular, is one area where ongoing maintenance should be planned ahead and undertaken at regular intervals in order to prevent a minor issue from becoming more serious.

Between now and the next budget season, your roof will have to handle a significant amount of inclement weather, so starting early and booking in inspections now will help to ensure a roof is regularly inspected throughout this time.

Planning ahead also reduces the long-term pressure on your budgeting efforts. By moving towards a preventative maintenance program, where an inspection is regularly scheduled rather than reactive, businesses will be less likely to face a large, unplanned expense.

Implementing an inspection schedule now can also ensure that, come the end of this financial year, you aren’t left with an unallocated portion of the budget. This also means you don’t find yourself at the EOFY trying to allocate your remaining budget into last-minute initiatives.

While the EOFY is now safely in the past, facilities managers should be thinking about the steps they can take to ensure this year’s budget goes towards work that will preserve their building’s integrity over the long-term.

Contact R&BS today to discuss Preventative Maintenance options for your roof or building, and ensure an efficient FM investment before the next EOFY.