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How to storm proof your roof

How to storm proof your roof

How to storm proof your roof

According to the Brisbane City Council’s comprehensive guide to storm safety, one of the first things you should do is “check and clean your roof, gutters and downpipes.”Very good advice because your roofing definitely needs to be checked.

It WILL be tested this storm season and if it isn’t up to scratch, it WILL fail.

With this in mind, R&BS would like to detail all the things those responsible for roof maintenance should look for, and steps you should take to weather the storm and enjoy absolute peace of mind.

A stitch in time

When it comes to roof repair and maintenance, the first thing you probably look for is a leak… however it isn’t just the obvious signs of water.

The real concern is what’s happening in roof spaces and wall cavities and in some cases, unseen issues with foundations. Water issues in these areas will often lead to structural issues if allowed to continue.

Therefore we strongly recommend a thorough visual inspection by an experienced professional such as R&BS.

We can identify areas that are not immediately obvious to the layman; indeed they are normally overlooked, even though they can actually be significant problems.

Storm season roofs

R&BS can:

  • Identify small issues that could turn into larger issues if a storm struck.
  • Advise you on what you should do to remedy the situation — thus avoiding a string of ‘patch up’ jobs later, and
  • Prioritize your plan of attack so you’ll know what needs to be done straight away and what can possibly wait.

In our experience, a small issue can be handled by a plumber, however some major problems will require professional attention to correctly identify and to ensure a lasting repair can be carried out.

Having said that, the opposite can also be true: things can look worse than they actually are.

Our roof maintenance personnel often talk to building owners/ managers who thought they had a serious problem that needed costly work, when in actual fact the problem was relatively easily solved.

7 potential problem areas that must be looked at

1. Signs of hidden corrosion

2. Deteriorated seals and sealant

3. Incorrect or poorly fitted flashings (particularly around vents, chimneys, etc)

4. Waterproof membrane deterioration

5. Surface cracking, blistering, and crazing

6. Loose tiles, cracked pointing or valley gutter drainage

7. Blocked or Overflowing gutters

Great news! R&BS now offer Comprehensive Roof Audits

As part of our service, we will expertly and systematically inspect your roof/roofs to ensure there is no problem or even the potential for problems.

If we do find any trouble spots, we will talk to you about the best options for waterproofing your roof.

These may include:

  • Reinforced Water Proof Membranes
  • New/Replacement Flashings
  • Corrosion Treatment and Mitigation
  • Repointing and Re-sarking
  • And much more.

For total peace of mind this storm season contact us to arrange your Roof Audit, or click here to read more.