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New South Wales prepares for gale-force winds

New South Wales prepares for gale-force winds

New South Wales prepares for gale-force winds

Australia’s weather is the envy of much of the world. It’s the reason many flock to our shores for holidays, and a factor in why so many people stay.

However, whatever the view is from the outside, our complex climate is anything but steady. While many property owners may feel like we’re out of the woods of winter, there could be an early spring dampener across much of New South Wales.

On September 23, meteorological experts at Weatherzone predicted a cold snap for the end of the month.

Temperatures could reach as low as one degree in some parts, while others will need to prepare for heavy winds, explained Weatherzone meteorologist Anthony Duke.

“This cold front that came along yesterday has brought increasing southerly winds so throughout today, tomorrow and into Friday morning we’re expecting gale-force winds,” he said.

It adds weight to the importance of regular roof and building maintenance. Rain, wind, hail and storms are common across much of Australia, and particularly on the eastern seaboard. The Insurance Council of Australia found that of the 10 most catastrophic events in the country’s more recent history, eight of them took place in either New South Wales or Queensland.

The most devastating of these was a hailstorm in Sydney in 1999, which left behind a loss of almost $4.3 billion.

Preparation is key, and the type of roof solution you need relies heavily on the area in which your business operates. For example, businesses in Barrington even saw some springtime snow, which according to Mr. Duke is somewhat a little strange, though not unexpected.

“Snow at this time of year isn’t unheard of but it is a little bit unusual, especially if we compare it to the recent mild winters and springs we’ve had,” he said.

Regular preventative maintenance is preferred to reactive building repairs, though some Queenslanders and New South Wales residents may find they need to get their properties up to scratch sooner rather than later.

For a range of roof and building maintenance and repair services, contact our team and let’s have a chat.