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One thing you must do to storm proof your roof

One thing you must do to storm proof your roof

One thing you must do to storm proof your roof

One thing you can be sure of this storm season is your roofing will be tested.

You can also be quite sure that if there’s a ‘chink in the armour’, it will fail.

If you’re responsible for roof maintenance there’s something you must do to weather the storm and enjoy absolute peace of mind.

And that’s to look for a leak!


By that, we don’t just mean the obvious signs of water.

The real concern is what’s happening in roof spaces, wall cavities and even in foundations.

Water issues in these areas will often lead to structural problems if allowed to continue.

Now, it may be a small issue, however how can you be 100% sure it’s only a small one?

It takes a seasoned specialist paying careful attention to detail to quickly detect some major problems, act swiftly to carry out lasting repairs and storm proof your roof.

Therefore we strongly recommend a thorough inspection by an experienced professional – like our Project Managers at R&BS.

We can identify areas that are not immediately obvious to the layman; indeed they are normally overlooked, even though they can actually be significant problems.

R&BS can:

  • Identify small issues that could turn into larger issues if a storm struck.
  • Advise you on what you should do to remedy the situation – thus avoiding a string of ‘patch up’ jobs later.
  • Prioritise your plan of attack so you’ll know what needs to be done straight away and what can possibly wait.

Of course, the last thing we want to do is alarm you: things can look worse than they actually are.

We often talk to building owners / managers who thought they had a serious problem that needed costly work, when in actual fact the problem was relatively easily solved.

If you want to storm proof your roof before it’s too late, don’t hesitate to contact us.