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Budgeting for facility roof maintenance in the new financial year

Proactive Budgeting for Facility Roof Maintenance

Budgeting for facility roof maintenance in the new financial year

Why you should proactively plan your roofing maintenance budget

It’s a common issue among facility owners and managers: a lack of budgeting pro-activity when looking at the needs of their facility’s roof across the financial year ahead.

This doesn’t mean that their budget is bad, or non-existent, or even particularly damaging. It simply means that most facilities could be better maintained with a more proactive budget. This approach can save you time, save you money, and even enhance your property’s value in the long run.

With EOFY rapidly approaching, in this news post we’ll review the different ways in which facility owners and managers can plan proactively for critical roof services over the new financial year.

The importance of understanding your roof’s condition

It’s impossible to accurately budget for repairs and maintenance if you don’t know whether your roof is in good condition; however, many facility owners and managers finalize their budget without a comprehensive understanding of their roof’s integrity. This can lead to significant and ongoing consequences.

Whilst it may be easy to overlook roof maintenance throughout the year (after all, the roof area is generally out of sight and out of mind), it can be a costly and regrettable mistake to allocate your roof budget without understanding all the issues it may need to cover.

For example, waterproof membranes often require maintenance and patch repairs throughout their lifespan. Factors such as corrosion, acidic pigeon guano and ponding air conditioning effluent may all lead to spot deterioration of the membrane. Yet there’s also scope for more serious issues to go unnoticed, including bubbling of the membrane due to the application of incompatible primers.

That’s why professional roof audits, reports and photographic surveys are such useful tools in a facility owner or manager’s toolbox.

How a roof inspection gives you the complete picture

Arranging for a comprehensive roof inspection prior to the EOFY allows you and your facility management team to move forward with a clear picture of your roof maintenance requirements.

Consultancy reports should generally include:

  • The estimated lifespan of the existing roof material and membranes
  • Assessment of any damage to the existing roof and the cause of the damage
  • Assessment of possible future points of concern
  • A budget outline for immediate repairs, and
  • A proactive maintenance outline and associated costs.

Understanding your roof’s condition and its likely requirements will allow you to make accurate budgetary decisions and support budget forecasts with concrete evidence.

Plan for a schedule of roof maintenance throughout the financial year

Whilst a roof condition report prior to EOFY is certainly a good idea, running a proactive maintenance program throughout the financial year is even better.

A proactive maintenance program allows you as a facility owner or manager to maintain your roof’s condition, and also review any issues with your consultant as they arise. This is a good idea for several reasons:

1) You’ll avoid any nasty surprises

Remember that little speck of corrosion that wasn’t a problem last financial year? Roof maintenance issues worsen consistently and rapidly – especially issues related to corrosion and water ingress. With 12 months of growth in its corner, it will likely be a burden upon your new budget.

A pre-EOFY inspection will assess the damage, but it will be too late to recommend a budget-friendly maintenance plan. Opting for quarterly inspections allows facility owners and managers to take rapid preventative action and address maintenance issues before they become a problem.

2) You’ll keep your tenants happy

Damaged or deteriorated roof surfaces have the potential to violate lease requirements and frustrate the tenants below. Scheduling regular roof checks and general maintenance ensures roof damage will be caught early, before it begins to impact the tenant’s work environment.

3) You’ll have one less thing to worry about!

As a facility owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate! So it’s understandable if sometimes, your facility’s roof isn’t right at the top of your priority list.

Outsourcing the maintenance and monitoring of your roof to a qualified, trustworthy consultant gives you additional time to focus on the other critical building functions you’re responsible for.

How a roofing consultant can help you set a realistic maintenance budget

So how much are you really likely to need to spend on your roof each year? If the roof is in good condition, maybe with a new membrane in place and all penetrations sealed, is it really worth having a consultant tell you what you already know?

Unfortunately, the answer is likely to be a resounding ‘yes’. Your facility’s roof is generally exposed, vulnerable to the elements, pests, direct damage, malfunctioning plant equipment and duct-work, subpar sealants and myriad membrane penetrations. Even if the roof is relatively new, it can still be vulnerable to a clogged down-pipe or flooded box gutter, corroded flashings and fixings, bubbling membranes or leaking skylights.

The reality is that as a facility manager or owner, you should never stop budgeting for regular roof repairs, and should always set a portion of your budget aside for emergency roof works.

Engaging a roofing consultant prior to EOFY arms you with the knowledge and foresight to maximize your budget’s potential, whilst also giving you the peace-of-mind of knowing that your roof will see you through to the next financial year.

Arrange your comprehensive roof inspection before EOFY

If you’d like advice on how best to utilise your maintenance budget for the new financial year, talk to the expert team at R&BS. We offer your business a complimentary, no-obligation 30 minute consultation with our experienced consultants before you commit to a comprehensive roof assessment for your business or facility.

For a complimentary, no-obligation 30 minute consultation with an experienced roof maintenance consultant, call R&BS now on 1800 550 037 or fill out the contact form below for a fast response.


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