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What are the common problems facing metal roofs?

What are the common problems facing metal roofs?

What are the common problems facing metal roofs?

All types of roof will eventually need remedial maintenance work at one time or another – and metal roofs are no exception. There are several problems that repairers come across time and time again, but can often be avoided if you enlist the help of a specialist roof repair and maintenance company.

Here are some of the most frequent metal roof maintenance tasks that need to be carried out on properties throughout the country.

Roof leaks

One of the biggest problems with metal roofs is that over time, they become affected by rust. A chemical reaction occurs that will degrade the material, therefore making it ineffective at keeping moisture at bay.

Some people simply decide to paint over the problem. While this may delay the process, it won’t prevent it entirely, which is why you need an expert in metal roof maintenance to do the job for you.

Ineffective fasteners

The same situation can arise with the fasteners used to keep your metal roof in place. These will eventually start to perish, therefore making the metal sheeting prone to shifting or becoming damaged.

By completely replacing the fasteners, you can be safe in the knowledge that your metal roof will stand the test of time and cope with whatever the weather has in store.

Pools of water

Over time, crevices and dents will start to appear in your roof, which can lead to water pooling. This will put pressure on the structure and speed up the oxidisation process that creates rust.

Protective coatings are one means of ensuring the integrity of the structure is maintained. A roof repair specialist might also suggest replacing especially affected parts of the roof to avoid problems arising further down the line.

If you suspect that your metal roof is in need of any of these procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 550 037.