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What El Niño conditions mean for your roof

What El Niño conditions mean for your roof

What El Niño conditions mean for your roof

On October 7, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) was forced to change its latest three-month weather prediction after just two days, as El Niño conditions worsened across Australia.

Changes in the Indian Ocean increased the impact of El Niño across Australia, as the BOM testified.

“Since we released the Climate Outlook, there has been a significant shift toward a drier October for much of Australia,” explained the BOM’s Climate Prediction Manager, Andrew Watkins.

“We have been watching the waters to Australia’s northwest for signs of sea surface cooling that could reinforce the impact of the current strong El Niño. We are now seeing these signs, and their impact has been reflected in the most recent model outlooks for October.”

The Sydney Morning Herald called the new climate conditions “full-fat El Niño”, as opposed to the “El Niño light” we were set to experience before. But what does this mean for facilities managers looking to keep their buildings in peak condition by planning for roof and building maintenance?

El Niño’s impact on your roof

As the changing trade winds take clouds away from northern Australia, the climate is typically drier than usual. It also means more solar radiation reaches our properties, which over time can be damaging.

The south east is expected to be one of the most impacted parts of the country following the BOM’s forecast change, so roof and building repair and maintenance plan in New South Wales and Queensland will be particularly advantageous. With an effective inspection report, the effects of Australia’s harsh climate can be eased for both your budget and your property as a whole.

El Niño is set to last until early 2016, so now could be a good time to think about roof maintenance and repairs. Solar reflective coatings can be just one option for reducing the damage posed by Australia’s high levels of ultraviolet radiation, though your maintenance plan should be tailored for your property and location.

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