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What is preventative maintenance?

What is preventative maintenance?

What is preventative maintenance?

Keeping a property in pristine condition isn’t something that can be undertaken once and then ignored. It requires constant ongoing maintenance to ensure a building meets the needs of occupants.

While maintenance traditionally involves addressing problems as they arise, an increasing number of facilities managers are now investing in preventative maintenance.

What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance involves performing inspection work pre-emptively in order to stop issues from developing in the first place. While traditional maintenance is designed to correct issues once the appear, preventative maintenance aims to avoid issues from occurring at all.

This involves carrying out regular inspections and maintenance work as a way to detect and prevent any damage to an area like a roof. Carrying out a routine inspection every 3 years, for example, is an easy way to spot possible future issues and take action to prevent them from getting worse.

Taking this approach is exactly the same as a car, for example, that is serviced every 10,000 kilometres rather than only taken to a mechanic when an issue arises.

Why conduct preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance requires a facilities manager to be proactive and engage with specialists, rather than simply waiting for an issue to arise. It calls for a comprehensive inspection schedule and enough planning in place to ensure any problems are addressed promptly.

Facilities managers will often see a strong return on investment though once they have committed to a preventative maintenance program. Scheduled inspections and remedial work can be planned ahead of time, fitted into a schedule and conducted so they create minimal disruption for a building’s occupants.

This cannot be achieved once an issue has arisen, with run-to-failure maintenance creating much larger costs and disruptions to a building’s occupants.

If you’re ready to work with a specialist team who can develop a preventative maintenance plan for your roof, get in touch with the team at R&BS. We specialise in preventative roof maintenance and can ensure you stay ahead of any issues that might arise in your facility.