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Why should I get my roof gutters cleaned?

Why should I get my roof gutters cleaned?

Why should I get my roof gutters cleaned?

Most people don’t think about unblocking their roof guttering until it’s too late, which can lead to a wide range of problems for the integrity of a structure. Although it is a task that many don’t look forward to, the fact is that it can be a crucial element of your commercial roof maintenance.

We’ve put together some of the top reasons why getting your roof gutters cleaned should be high on your agenda.

1. It creates excess damp

Debris builds up quickly in your roof guttering, which makes it difficult for water to escape. If the moisture has nowhere to go, it will just remain stagnant, which can lead it to seep into the walls and roof of your commercial property. Commercial roof waterproofing can be taken as a preventative measure, but this shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to clear out your gutters once in a while.

2. You could end up with a blocked downpipe

Although material will usually start to collect in the roof gutter, it won’t be long until the downpipe is affected. This is responsible for taking water away from your property and is a crucial component of its plumbing system.

3. Joints can start to weaken

Your roof guttering will have several joints, which over time can be put under extreme pressure if you haven’t cleared out your gutters in a while. Mounting leaves and other debris can be heavy – especially when wet – and the joints simply aren’t designed to cope with this amount of weight.

4. You might spot other problems!

How often do you go up onto your roof? Chances are it’s not very often, which means other problems can go undetected for months or years at a time. While you’re dealing with blocked roof gutters, you might discover that you need commercial roof maintenance or other remedial work done.

If you think your roof gutters are in need of cleaning and maintenance don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 550 037.