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2 events that can call for building and roof inspection

2 events that can call for building and roof inspection

Tasked with maintaining a strict budget, facilities managers all over Australia will have to constantly ask themselves: “when is the best time for building and roof repair and maintenance?”

Leave maintenance too late and any issues can quickly compound, costing you more in the long run. However, you’ll want to minimise the amount of time builders are working on your property, to limit any distractions or downtime for residents.

The first thing to remember with this question is there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s always best to get a roof and building inspection report to ensure your buildings’ requirements meet your budget effectively. With this in mind, here are two events that can call for building and roof inspection.

1) You’ve recently had a storm

Australia can be a hotbed for storms, and these often play havoc with our buildings, causing widespread damage. On tiled roofs, it could be loose flashing or damaged tiles, while even sturdy concrete and metal variants can be damaged in the fierce Aussie weather cycles.

It helps to understand the effects of each type of climate event. For example, hail can be some of the most damaging, with an October storm in Western Australia the most recent example of this.

News reports from October 20 say that hailstones as large as three centimetres in diameter were poured onto properties by heavy wind, causing extensive damage for properties on coastal regions. It’s a common occurrence, and one that’s not limited to the western state.

Earlier in the year, the ANZAC Day hailstorm that struck Sydney caused a reported 19,000 insurance claims, while similar storms in April left a $301 million bill for property damages in the First State, according to the Insurance Council of Australia.

If you’ve recently been hit by a storm, it could be a good time to schedule an inspection, as minor damage could become a bigger issue over time.

Australia’s wild climate calls for effective building maintenance and repair
Australia’s wild climate calls for effective building maintenance and repair.

2) You’ve recently bought a new property

Australia’s property market has been as strong as it’s ever been in recent months. According to Housing Industry Association reports, total housing investments in NSW (including multi-unit buildings such as flats) reached $22 billion by the end of the 2014/2015 period.

By the time we reach 2015/2016, this will have increased to an annual investment of $24.7 billion.

If you’ve recently bought – or are intending to purchase – new commercial property, it’s a good point to investigate the state of your building. An in-depth roof and building maintenance plan will help you identify any issues that could arise within the forthcoming 12 months, three or even five years.

It will likely be part of your plan to do so, and tailoring your approach to the type of roof you have will reap the best rewards – for you, your tenants and your budget.

At R&BS, we don’t take the salesman approach, but one of a consultant. If you’d like to discuss a cost-effective roof and building inspection, our team can be contacted on 1800 550 037.