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How to recycle water using your roof

How to recycle water using your roof

How to recycle water using your roof

Did you know Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world? It puts a strain on our public water system, which is why many choose to recycle the water that lands on their roofs.

With a water-storage scheme, businesses can use rainwater in a number of ways, from cooling machinery to cleaning and running appliances. However, it means the property should be in good condition, which is where effective roof maintenance comes in.

How does water storage work?

From every millimetre of rainwater that falls on each square metre of roof, it’s possible to store a litre of water. An average of 50 per cent of the roof space can be optimised for rain harvesting, with the water running from the gutters into a storage container.

The most common types are concrete, metal or plastic water tanks, which can then be dipped into by hand or plumbed into the property. Essentially, this means the building can run off a free supply of water, reducing the utility bill and storing the resource for when the dry months hit.

In some cases, the water can be purified for drinking, bathing or other hygiene-conscious tasks.

Is your roof ready?

The first step for putting a water-storage scheme in place is to have your commercial property inspected. Small cracks or damage can lead the water in the wrong direction, or even allow it to leak into your building.

With a roof inspection report, property managers can budget for ongoing roof maintenance, so their water-harvesting efforts stay efficient and under budget. It can also be a part of your wider maintenance plan, to ensure your roofs stay in good condition, rain or shine.

Please feel free to contact our team if you’d like to discuss making the most of your roof.